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I thought that the quality of all the instructors that I met was exceptional; they had a perfect blend of knowledge and social skills which has made the experience here very special
- Jill W.
There was an excellent choice of classes and taster events, and a lovely atmosphere amongst the staff and clients. You've got it just right; relaxing if you want, or full on busy and active if you prefer.
- Jill Grimmer
Yoga was the main purpose for my trip and I wasn't disappointed.
- Lorraine Martin
I was worried about coming on this holiday alone but it was so easy to meet and get to know people and all the staff were very helpful.
- Yvonne McHugh
I feel as if I have come back with a new body and healthy mind and I feel more relaxed than I have felt in years. Big thanks to the team they are just heavenly
- Clare Wise
Thanks for a very varied programme and a great team of instructors. The mix of a highly organised program with a relaxed attitude to attendance meant I could do whatever I wanted, which was perfect for me.
- Mike Loveday
I really like the vibe - that's what made me come back after last year! Karens yoga classes are an absolute joy
- Deborah Willey
Good choice of classes - very friendly staff and a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere.
- Liz Morris
Amy's fitness classes were really good. I found her a really good enthusiastic teacher and she helped me to try things I wouldn't have thought I could do.
- N Da Cunha
As a beginner at yoga I felt slightly apprehensive but both Karen and Charlie were amazing teachers and I leave with a life changing skill.
- Annabelle Cox
Amy is a fantastic teacher and personality. Karen is a superb yoga teacher - extremely professional, warm and gentle-.
- Carmel Fitzgerald
I can't fault anything. It was a fantastic holiday with a great range of activities and friendly staff. Brilliant Instructors.
- Sue Thompson
I recovered from my back injury faster than expected with the Healthy Options and loved the Laser trainings and racing.
- Floor Tiddens-Tordoir
Dear Amy, Verity, Karen, Evy, Sarah and the rest of the Healthy Options Team. Thank you so much for an amazing week in Vassiliki. I had an absolutely fantastic week filled with fun, fitness and new friends. I can't wait to return!
- Eleanor
A big thank you to all the instructors. You are all so friendly and made it easy for me to feel comfortable asking questions. I am going home more confident and aim to visit again. I really enjoyed my stay with Healthy Options.
- Mayumi
A wonderful, refreshing and relaxed holiday. I loved the yoga, pilates and body sculpt classes as well as the trips to Agios Filli, Sivros and the Herbal Walk. Thank you all so much for a fantastic holiday.
- Joanna
I have had a great week and enjoyed everything: the sports, the venue, other guests and staff, all - so I will be back!
- Ylva
One word describes my Healthy Options experience – AMAZING. Can’t wait to come back!
- Michelle C.
Fabulous holiday – exceeded all expectations
- Sharon Ford
Such a beautiful setting- perfect for relaxing. Wonderful range of classes and expert teachers!
- Louise Hulks
Providing a safe environment to try out activities and to discover the local area.
- Vast Skoulidou
It’s my second time on this holiday and I’ve loved meeting a diverse range of people. It’s wholly un-intimidating to arrive alone. You can do as much, or as little, as you want, without any pressure. A gem!
- Lorna Campbell
Thoroughly enjoyed my week in Syvota, never felt inadequate in any of the classes, superb company and location.
- Lynn Holmes
Quality of teaching, great location, optional extras and taster sessions. Friendliness of staff. Just lovely and good for the mind and soul
- Sally Alfano
One week is not enough, I shall be coming back for two next year.
- Emma Allen
I arrived feeling frazzled and left feeling serene.
- Lindsay Limb
There is something for everybody to enjoy and it's excellent value for money. The complete package combination of rest and play. Set in a lovely local town, the location is idyllic for rest and relaxation. All the instructors are fantastic!Special shout out to Evy, Michael, Joanna and Amy! oh and the Wildwind boys! Thank you so much for making our holiday so healthy and happy!
- Tracy and Eleri Roberts
Everything was so relaxed, there was never any pressure to attend a class or try something new. The staff are exceptional, helpful, friendly and informative. Food and staff at the restaurants are all very good. Everyone goes out of their way to make sure you enjoy yourself.
- Sue Burgess
Vassiliki is a great place for a solo holiday, as the activities are suitable for everyone, and other guests and staff are very friendly.
- Geraldine Jones
I have experienced more activities and moved more during this holiday and yet feel significantly more relaxed than when I arrived. Healthy options staff are professional, always friendly- the whole week was laid back yet very organised. Service was low-key yet always available.
- Helen Cooper
Professional and caring instructors and staff- full of enthusiasm and knowledge. Comprehensive activity programme. The herbal walk will stay in our memory.
- Yvonne Medley and Julia Bates
Healthy options is a very relaxed way to enjoy your holidays. The yoga sessions are lovely.
- Anika and Karin
The classes I attended were taught by Joanna and I found her an excellent teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed all her classes. I also found the hotel staff very cheerful and helpful.
- Anon
Healthy Options has created a winning formula here in Greece. There's nothing else like it that I know of and it just works on so many levels, which is why you have so many guests returning, including me. P.S - Hydro-fit was brilliant and Amy should be made to teach it every day.
- Georgie Ferraro
Fantastic! If you do not like beach holidays just lying around this holiday would be perfect! You can do as much or as little as you want. Perfect holiday for anyone wanting an active break and meet new people.
- Anon
Felt at ease straight away - great to experience new classes with friendly and extremely knowledgeable instructors.
- Anon
Holidays on your own can be scary things. This wasn't - it was pretty much perfect. Thank you.
- Helen
7 days of total indulgence for both body and mind. Challenging but not competitive with a timetable that ensures the perfect pick and mix for all levels. An amazing team- can't thank you enough. I'm ready to face the world of work once more.
- Lex Tough
The quality of teaching, with individual attention is very high. You know you can trust your teachers. The location is idyllic. Sharing activities and social events with sailors and windsurfers increases the fun element, and you get to meet more people. The snorkel safari is a real highlight of the week.
- Judith Stewart
The teachers always taught the people who turned up rather than a one size fits everyone approach. Options were offered so that everyone was happy, comfortable and safe.
- Anon
The standard of instruction in all classes is superb; staff knowledge is exceptional. The added extras ( walks, meditation, massage) make H.O. special. I cannot imagine life without it!
- Anji W
This holiday offers an incredible range of activities, with high quality tuition. The location is beautiful and everyone is very friendly and helpful. The herbal walk was a revelation.
- Jane Hughes
There is no pressure to attend sessions, but teachers are kind and supportive-treating everyone with great care whilst being encouraging and motivating.
- Debbie Clark
I particularly like the informal atmosphere combined with a staff who are professionally skilled.
- Richard Ferraro
Healthy options is so much more than a yoga holiday. I love that I can do as much or as little as I want depending on how I am feeling. All the guests and staff are friendly and welcoming which means there are no concerns about coming here as a single traveler.
- Kristel Sootarsing
I’m torn between recommending this to friends and keeping this gem of a find a secret.
- Liz Owen
Too many fantastic moments to focus on one! People at home are not going to believe everything I've managed to do in a week!
- Jan Shepherd
Feeling safe and supported to enjoy trying out new activities. Feeling I had the freedom to join in or not- no pressure at all. Being in a beautiful environment.
- Patricia Charles
I loved it! Great variety of classes, very relaxed atmosphere and enthusiastic and very knowledgeable instructors.
- Sarah Loxton
Healthy Options, in partnership with Wildwind, offers a completely unique experience in my opinion. It's not a retreat, it's the most complete fitness, Yoga and waterfront sports holiday you can have, in an idyllic location with a team that completely understands the need to have fun.
- Hazel Moloney
The combination of excellent instructors and wide ranging activities, with the beach location. A unique offering in today's market.
- Annie Lightowler
Chilled, fun, active and the perfect tonic to unwind and feel great. Activities and yoga is a fantastic combination.
- Gina Mula
Flexibility- the choice is yours to make and build your own special, unique timetable.
- Jean Howard
The beach is perfect for the resort, it allows for paddleboarding and swimming but also for windsurfing and sailing in the afternoon. The nearby town is charming and traditional.
- Fiona
There are so many things to do - all of them well-organised and varied enough to suit everyone. I will come back to do some activities I did not have time for.
- Mavis
The instructors are exceptional - highly experienced, passionate about what they do and always willing to answer questions or just have a chat. They were very knowledgeable, pitched the classes well and I loved the way they progressed through the week. Particularly enjoyed Jacquie's flow yoga and Evy's Pilates classes, but Lexie's Yin Yoga was also great. Range of activities excellent.
- Claire
Supportive and positive in all aspects.
- Susie
Healthy Options are as healthy as you want them to be. There is no pressure to attend classes or eat healthily. I came thinking I was on a 'Spa' break and have been really happy whilst here. Despite my initial disappointment I would come back.
- Alison
A truly unforgettable holiday! Relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff. The perfect place to do as much or as little as you like as well as trying new activities.
- Liz
What a superb holiday! It's great to have such a variety of activities available in such a beautiful location. The atmosphere is definitely conducive to a relaxing and restorative holiday. Thank you.
- Nicky
Swimming lessons with Amy were fantastic, made more progress in 3 hours than I have in years.
- Airline Lyons
Whether you want to just try something new or to progress, this is a wonderful place to do it.
- Marie Soames
Nothing was too much trouble! The yoga teachers Jacquie and Olympia were wonderful - full of knowledge!
- Rosie Cornwall
Peace of mind, total relax & still active :-)
- Alena Georgieva
To be on a cat again - must come back soon!
- Teresa
Standard of care from all instructors; exceptional
- Teresa
I feel a new person! Thank you!
- Teresa
An incredible setting in which to explore new activities and improve your skills. The staff and teachers couldn't have been more friendly and supportive, making this one of the most enjoyable holidays I have had.
- Eleanor Bukht
A beautiful relaxed setting, to reboot (!), enjoy exercise, the sea, the people, Amy's classes stood out... and finally finding the confidence to learn to swim. Thank you all for a great two weeks.
- Penny Smith
A brilliant family holiday. My husband really enjoyed his sailing and my boys had a great time doing all the multi-activities. I was delighted to find Healthy Options was not just an add-on, but a well thought-out, well-resources and most enjoyable programme for me.
- Jan
The professionalism and versatility of the people delivering it - all very experiences and great skill set. I've never done yoga before and I loved being taught in such a sympathetic way. I feel a lot fitter. The food at all three eateries is excellent.
- Liz
Range of facilities, full class timetable were excellent, Friendly staff and quality of instruction second to none.
- Murray Rees
So happy and so chilled - yet energised. Really do not want to go home.
- Emma
Perfect mixture of activities to so and time to relax. The atmosphere is so calm and peaceful - I will be returning home so incredibly refreshed and rejuvenated.
- Sahra Watkin
The atmosphere has been laid-back and friendly. Instructors and staff were helpful. My passion is yoga and the classes were inspiring and challenging. Both Marina and Jacquie got to know individuals and their goals, and I felt supported in my practice all week. Thank you.
- Rachel
Yoga with Marina reignited my own passion in yoga following injury. Also enjoyed Jacquie's flow classes.
- Judy Whiteside
There's always a lovely group of people to be found at Healthy options, both the staff and fellow guests. There's something about the combination of yoga and water-based activities that just works!
- Louise Rodgers
A fantastic holiday and all the benefits of a beach holiday with the fitness thrown in, so you don't need to feel guilty about having a fantastic meal and a few drinks in the evening.
- Ailsa Falconer
A unique set-up that enabled one of us to sail and one of us to do yoga and Pilates. An Excellent array of classes with top rate teachers.
- Jane
Great teachers, great beach setting. The perfect combination for getting fitter whilst enjoying a relaxed holiday.
- Cathy Malone
It’s a friendly place, you could come on your own and still feel safe and welcome.
- Melida de Paiva
Great week. So many options, on full programme of activities. Would recommend for any active person.
- Martin Stroud
Trip to Agio Fili was very special – meditation on a deserted beach followed by snorkelling from dive boat.
- Liz Ward
The friendliness of the staff. Vassiliki beach is amazing. Classes are for every level. There is no pressure to keep up with the Jones’s.
- Karen and Michelle
Open friendliness of all the staff and instructors. Mel, Amy, Evy were amazing instructors, well suited to their roles. Great ambassadors for the company. Jojo – wow. Full of energy, sports massage was magic and great rehab for my knees and legs. Eleanor – fantastic, very friendly, approachable rep.
- Iain Webb
The ability to try out new activities without pressure with warm and friendly staff and in beautiful surroundings. Totally comforting for a solo traveller.
- Charlotte Sealby
Mel’s Hatha yoga were brilliant. She is a lovely ‘down to earth’ teacher and explains everything so well
- Anne Stroud
Quality, atmosphere, flexibility, wonderful team, beautiful place!
- Esther Wubbeling
Relaxed combination of sea activities with Pilates and yoga classes. I described it to my friends as a yoga/Pilates piss-up!
- Dawn
Instructors were so much better than we hoped for and so friendly. Really good atmosphere at all times.
- Julia Cherry
So many options under one roof in beautiful Greece.
- Gill
Variety, great location, and if it could move to winter location I think I would cover every year.
- Andy
As a solo traveller it is so easy to blend in, make friends and enjoy a high standard of tuition. Grab some inner peace!
- Jacqui
The perfect combination of activities and holiday laziness. Great classes, great instructors and the perfect location. Thank you.
- Aletheia
Definitely the place to come if you want to try something new or engage more thoroughouly in a regular activity, Expert and individual teaching and coaching in a warm and welcoming sunny environment. Fun and a real sense of personal acheivement guaranteed! Jojo's aqua activites are an absolute MUST! A hilarious yet strenuous workout in water!!
- Miriam
The friendliness of the team and the variety an quality of the classes. Lexi’s warm welcome and enthusiastic smile, her ‘no problem’ attitude – top class. Marina’s writing class and her innovative approach to classes – great
- Ben Axford
Too many lovely things to write about…I loved the yoga in the tent with the breeze blowing through, looking at the olive trees with the sea beyond
- Celia Keeping
The holiday was a delight from start to finish. Thank you
- Anne Dawson
The people you meet and the Healthy options team really make this a wonderful experience – put that together with a delightful hotel with very caring staff and you have a wonderful experience
- Heather Matthews
The variety of physical activity and relaxation in tranquil surroundings with no pressure to do anything that wasn’t my choice
- Sonya
Health and beauty practitioner/fitness educator “Exceeded my expectations in in every way, best holiday ever and first one on my own. I want to work here!
- Kathi Elliot
The perfect healthy, happy holiday which caters for all needs and levels of ability in a spectacular location for a super price
- Claire
Beautiful setting, close to the beach and only 2km from Syvota harbour with stunning views and pleasant restaurants. You can’t go wrong, the atmosphere is warm, friendly and serene. Thanks
- Marina Dance
Holiday = just what I needed, ‘Healthy Options’ in a holiday package
- Nicola Humphrey
Friendly attitude of staff who went out of their way to be helpful. Trip to river walk, rafting nd kayak was highlight of holiday. Beach trip to snorkel and SUP safari were very good too
- Anne
For me it’s the people, the culture you have created makes being here just so special. It also makes leaving so difficult….until the next time
- Alexi Tough
The enthusiasm of the instructors – they are passionate about yoga and life
- Karen
Marina’s yoga classes were an incredible experience and taught me so much that I can take away from this beautiful place. Lexi’s classes too were fantastic – I will do a headstand one day! Everyone bonded so well, there was such a wonderful sense of support and care amongst the group. I’m going home refreshed and energised and with love and peace in my heart. Thank you to all! Xx
- Helen Davis
- Mark Tustland
An amazing holiday – I loved Healthy Options – perfect for a single traveller. Great classes with excellent instructors, friendly staff and fellow guests, all set in beautiful surroundings. Plenty of exercise and no shortage of socialising either. I will be back
- Sam C
Excellent for the solo traveller. New friendships and bonds are made so easily in the safe and comfortable environment. Well done
- Caroline W
Joanna is an amazingly good teacher. Amy’s classes are great. I learnt how to do new poses from both yoga teachers and the hatha and flow reinforced each other. Also, great to be able to swim in the sea in the mornings.
- Anne Dowd
Relaxed and friendly atmosphere meant I felt at home at once
- Jo
It’s not a typical yoga holiday, you can choose how much or little you want to do. Also having the sailing school share facilities helps make conversations and meet up events more interesting.
- Kathy Dykes
I wanted to say a big thank you to you and everyone at Healthy Options. You were all very helpful with every query I had before my holiday and I know you all spent a very difficult day on the 8th October trying to sort our return journey, when the Greek air traffic controllers threatened to strike. I almost hoped that we would have an extra day in Syvota, as I had such a great holiday, but on reflection the journey home would have been a "challenge" if they really had been on strike. It was a really brilliant holiday, and the small group made it easy to make friends too. Holly and Adam were excellent, both at leading the group in a relaxed and professional way, and ensuring that everyone was kept informed at all times of all the activities and events as they occurred. They were also very good instructors, as were all the instructors involved with all classes. There was so much to do, and as well as the yoga and other classes. I especially enjoyed the paddle boarding, boat trip, river walk and rafting. I really liked the hotel and its location next to the sea, and the staff were all friendly and helpful. The sunsets were beautiful. The pool surroundings were very attractive and the loungers very comfortable. The pool was very cold, which was the only small complaint. It was warmer in the sea! I felt fantastic after my healthy and relaxing holiday, and all my friends wanted to know what had made me look so well and relaxed. I have told them all to book with you, and hope you will send me a brochure for next year.
- Linda Boiling
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